With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, teams are frantically trying to move players in order to give them the best chance at making a run during the playoffs.

Earlier this week, however, one of the biggest trades occurred, which ultimately moved Demarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans. In return the trade for the Kings was headlined by receiving Buddy Hield.

Cousins, who is averaging about 28 points and 11 rebounds this season is a three time All-Star.

Hield on the other hand has been pretty inconsistent during his rookie campaign, while ultimately averaging nine points per game.

The Cousins trade was thought to be brought on by a need for change in Sacramento. While Cousins is an incredible player, he also comes with his own set of baggage, especially after accruing 17 technical fouls so far this season.

Yet it will be interesting to see how Cousins melds with current Pelicans star, Anthony Davis.

More teams continue to make moves before the deadline, with teams like the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics, and the Oklahoma City Thunder looking to make trades in the near future.



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