If there is one thing you all should know about me, it is that I absolutely live for Chicago sports.

Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, Fire, you name a Chicago team, and you can bet I follow them through thick and thin.

But with that being said, one Chicago team has made this particular season incredibly difficult (at certain times even painful) to watch, and I think it’s safe to say that no one is surprised in the slightest.

The Bulls’ season is going according to plan. Okay, maybe not the Bulls Front Office’s plans, but most certainly everyone else’s. When is was announced that superstars Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo were joining the squad, many were left scratching their heads. And that sentiment has most certainly not changed, with yesterday’s game against the Hawks only driving that point home.

Chicago now is 23-24 and currently holds the 8th spot right above the Milwaukee Bucks. The aftermath from the disaster that was Wednesday night’s 119-114 loss, resulted in both Wade and Jimmy Butler sharing harsh comments about the work ethics of other members of the team.

But here’s the problem with those comments, especially those coming from Wade.

For one, the Bulls are in a rebuilding stage. And I hate to break it to D-Wade, but a total rebuild doesn’t happen overnight.

Also, a big reason for the loss was a defensive breakdown for the Bulls, of which Wade played a role in.

One of the big selling points for Wade joining the Bulls was that he would be able to impart his experience and knowledge of the game on the younger core of the Bulls (Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, Paul Zipser, Nikola Mirotic, Jerian Grant, Denzel Valentine, etc.). However, instead of doing just that, he has seemed to be helping the player that needs it the least, Jimmy Butler.

Both Butler and Wade’s comments also breached locker room protocol big time. This should have stayed a public matter, and will now leave others questioning whose heart or hearts the two were referencing.



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